youremygirljennay asked:

What are your thoughts on I Wanna Be Yours? (It's my favorite and I love hearing your interpretations lol)

ihatealexturner answered:

I just saw this ask now sorry to reply late.

Well i love that song, its beautiful. i love the work the monkeys did with it, its a john cooper clarke song/poem if you dind’t knew. and the monkeys borrowed it and made something really fresh and different, and it sounds amazing. they turn it into a romantic ballad and god, it sounds heavenly. i love the little details tht alex added. like the “secrets i have held in my heart, are harder to hide than i thought. maybe i just wanna be yours” god, that line kills me everything, its soo deep and honest, i had nightmares with that line for weeks. im in love with the sound of it. they already had this music when they were making the album and they decided to use the i wanna be yours lyric on it and it was such a good decision, shit. i also love how alex changed the “atlantic ocean” part for “pacific ocean” to give it his own touch, bc he lives in california now and its such a little detail but i love it so much. im in love with this song, just when they release the name of the songs and we have the first interview before the album i knew this song would destroy me into a million pieces. this are my kind of favorite arctic monkeys songs. also fun fact this is the first and only time the monkeys had used a machine drum and i think they nailed it, it gaves the song a really chill and relax feeling. and idk i jsut love the fact that the whole album is about alex being vulnerable and just wanting to have a person next to him, just to have someone to share his life. and the album ends up with a summary of all, he just want to be yours, after all the bullshit, the brokenhearts, the hook ups. at the end of the night, he just want to be with someone. the search for the soulmate, “the one”.